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Get 100% GST Cashback Instantly

The Government of India has announced that starting 1st October 2023, a 28% Tax (GST) will be applicable on all cash deposits.


  • GST will only be deducted at the time of adding cash to your account.
  • GST will not be deducted from the entry fee or for the number of games played.

Note: The cash amount you add to your account will be inclusive of 28% GST.

A player who deposits ₹100 will receive ₹78.12 in their account after a 28% GST deduction of ₹21.88.

What will be the impact on me?

Good News! Junglee Poker will give you a 100% cashback for the GST paid by you.

Let’s understand this with an example:
If you deposit ₹100, you will get the full amount of ₹100 in your account.

Player Action Junglee Poker

Deposit Amount


28% GST Paid to Govt. Included in ₹100 (28% of 78.12)

₹ -21.88

Amount Credited to Deposit Balance


100% GST Cashback

₹ +21.88
Player Will Get ₹100
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    • What is the recent GST change for online gaming?

      A: The Indian government has imposed a 28% GST (Goods and Services Tax) on deposits made for online gaming. This tax is applicable to the face value.

    • What is "face value"?

      "Face value" refers to the amount deducted from your account for a deposit into your game account. The GST will apply to this amount only. No GST will apply to any bonus that you get for a deposit.

    • When will the new GST rate be effective?

      The new GST rate of 28% will be effective from 1st October 2023.

    • Will I have to pay GST on my past transactions as well (made before 1st October)?

      No, this revised GST rate will only apply to deposits made on or after 1st October 2023. Any deposits made before 1st October 2023 will not be subject to GST.

    • Will I have to pay GST on both free and practice games?

      No. GST is deducted only at the time of making a cash deposit. It has no impact on the types of games played. If you are a free player, you will not have to pay any GST for playing free games.

    • Is this GST rate fixed for all amounts?

      Yes, the GST rate is fixed at a flat 28% on the face value.

    • How will I know if the GST collected from me has been paid to the government?

      An invoice is issued for every deposit transaction. You can access all your invoices from the profile section.

    • Will GST be deducted from the entry fee or the winning amount as well?

      No. GST is deducted only once at the time of making a cash deposit. If you deposit ₹100 into your account, GST will be deducted only from ₹100. It will have no impact on the entry fee paid, number of games played, or the amount won.

    • What happens if I play games on multiple Junglee Games platforms (Junglee Poker, Howzat, Junglee Rummy). Will GST be deducted from all game accounts separately?

      GST will be deducted only once per deposit, regardless of the platform. For example, if you make a cash deposit of ₹100 on Junglee Poker, 28% GST (i.e., ₹21.88) will be deducted only at the time of adding cash to your Junglee Poker account. You can then use the remaining ₹78.12 from your shared wallet to play cash games on any of the Junglee Games platforms like Howzat or Junglee Rummy.