Superstar Stack Challenge

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How it works?

Play cash games at any NLH table

Build your target stack in just one session

Win rewards for achieving the target

Your Stack = Total chips you have won in one session, i.e., without leaving the table.

  • Check your progress
    • BB Table
    • Your Stack
  • Yesterday’s progress
    • BB Table
    • Your Stack
  • Check your targets
    BB Table Stack Target Reward
    ₹0.5 ₹300 ₹10
    ₹1 ₹600 ₹20
    ₹2 ₹1200 ₹40
    ₹5 ₹3000 ₹100
    ₹10 ₹6000 ₹200
    ₹25 ₹15,000 ₹500
    ₹50 ₹30,000 ₹1000
    ₹100 ₹60,000 ₹2000
    ₹200 ₹1,20,000 ₹5000
    ₹500 ₹3,00,000 ₹12,500
  • Terms & Conditions
    • The Superstar Stack Challenge will be considered complete only if the target is achieved in a single session, i.e. from taking a seat at a table to leaving that table.
    • A player will be eligible for the Superstar Stack Challenge offer only once per day, from 26th Feb 2024 (00:01 hour to 23:59 hours).
    • Superstar Stack Challenge rewards will be credited to eligible players’ Deposit balance within 24 hours of completing the challenge.
    • Junglee Poker reserves the right to investigate, at its own discretion, any hands for any kind of fraudulent/suspicious activity or collusion committed to fulfill the stack challenge conditions and refuse to credit any reward/offer benefit if any malpractice or suspicious activity is observed.
    • Sitting out (sitout) is allowed. However, if the sitout time is over and a player is automatically made to leave the table, the session will be ended.
    • Opting in once is required in the entire offer period.
    • This offer is applicable only to NLH tables.
    • The reward for achieving a single stack target is limited to once per day.
    • If you complete the stack challenge twice at the same table in a day, you will get the reward only once.
    • If a player gets booted off the table due to the network disconnection at his end and joins back and resumes with the same stack during the anti-banking period, they will still be eligible for the challenge.
    • If a player gets booted off the table automatically and they aren’t able to join back during the anti-banking period because of the internet issues, they have to start a new session, then they won't be eligible for the challenge.
    • If you complete stack challenges for multiple BB tables, you will get rewarded for each BB table, but only once a day.
    • All standard Junglee Poker terms and conditions apply.
    • The decision of Junglee Poker management shall be final and binding in case of any dispute.