Types of tournaments

Free entry, guaranteed prize pool
You can join these tournaments for free (no buy-in) and win from a guaranteed prize pool
Guaranteed prize pool
GTD stands for ‘Guaranteed.’ These tournaments have a guaranteed prize pool, irrespective of the number of entries. With more entries, the GTD prize amount can also go beyond the original prize.
Smaller tournaments to join
bigger tournaments
Satellite Tournaments are tournaments with lower buy-in value and can help you win cash/ a free ticket to higher buy-in tournaments as prizes.
Multi-Flight Tournaments
Tournaments with Multiple
Flights (rounds or phases)
MFT’s are tournaments where players must play the flight tournaments to qualify for the main tournament. Each starting phase is played up to a cut-off point and all remaining players will qualify to the next phase along with qualified players from other starting phases.

Enter a tournament in 4 steps

How a tournament proceeds

Starting Time
The time at which your tournament starts
Increments in Ante & Blind values after regular intervals
A short resting period for all players after a certain level
At the end of each hand, the player who loses all their chips gets eliminated

Rankings & Prize Structure Explained

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Poker Tournaments Terminology

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