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Deposit and Withdrawal Policy

Secure Accounts

All amounts collected from the user are held in separate, non-interest-earning bank accounts. The said accounts are operated by a third party appointed by Junglee Games in accordance with our Terms of Service. From these bank accounts, the payouts can be made to (a) Users (towards their withdrawals), (b) Junglee Poker (toward its platform fees), and (c) the Government (toward TDS on net winnings). Junglee Games receives only its share of the platform fee through the escrow agent.

Quick and Easy Deposits

To deposit money into yourJunglee Poker account, go to the Junglee Poker app and tap the “Add Cash” tab at the bottom of the screen. Once you have opened the tab, enter the amount you wish to deposit and tap “Deposit.” Select your payment method and enter all the details required to complete the transaction. Once you have entered your details, tap “Pay Securely.”

Note: The minimum deposit limit is ₹5 .

Safe and Secure Withdrawals

We are fully committed to the safety and security of our players’ funds. Players’ money is kept in separate bank accounts and is not used for operational expenses. This ensures that your funds are always available for you to withdraw in accordance with our withdrawal policy.

We reserve the right to use additional eligibility criteria to determine the withdrawal options players may be offered at any time.

Withdrawal Method

You may receive your funds via direct bank transfer in which the amount you withdraw is transferred directly to your bank account.

How to Place a Withdrawal Request

To withdraw your winnings, go to the Junglee Poker app and tap the “More” tab at the bottom-left corner. Once the tab opens, tap “Request Withdrawal” and select the “Bank” or “UPI” tab. Enter your bank/UPI details, whichever is applicable, as well as the amount you wish to withdraw. Once you have entered all the necessary details, tap “Verify & Proceed.” It’s that easy.

Note: Only KYC-verified users can withdraw their winnings. The minimum amount a user can withdraw is ₹50.

Review the on-screen information carefully before you complete your withdrawal request. An email notification from us will be sent to you confirming each transaction made from your Junglee Poker account. Always refer to your confirmation email after you have made a withdrawal to check how your funds were processed.

Processing Time

Withdrawal requests will be processed within 24 hours, except on weekends. Please allow 24-48 hours after your withdrawal request has been processed for the funds to be credited to your bank account.

Your withdrawal may fail if the receiving bank is facing downtime at the time the transaction is initiated. If this happens, the withdrawal amount may be reversed. In such a scenario, the bank takes 4-5 working days to update the status of your transaction. If the transaction is reversed or has failed, the funds will either be credited back to your Junglee Poker account or your withdrawal will be reprocessed.

Other Withdrawal Information

All money that is deposited into your Junglee Poker account must be used to play cash games or tournaments on Junglee Poker. Only the money you win can be withdrawn, not the money you deposit.

Please note that according to the income tax law, 30% TDS (tax deducted at source) will be deducted from Net Winnings (Net Winnings = Withdrawals − Deposits − FY Opening Balance) at the time of withdrawal or at the end of the financial year. Winners will be provided TDS certificates in respect of such tax deductions. Please find the detailed TDS policy here.

In special cases, additional information may be required to process a withdrawal. From time to time, it may also be necessary to withhold player winnings until gameplay and/or fraud reviews are completed to ensure fair gaming and player account security on our gaming platform.

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