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Poker Charts


Poker charts are visual representations of different poker hands and their rankings. They help players better understand the strength of their cards and make the right decisions in the game. Hand rankings charts are a convenient way to look at the different hands, from strongest to weakest. These charts help find out different hands' value quickly. Pot odds charts, on the other hand, help in calculating the odds of winning a hand based on the pot size and the current bet. By utilizing these poker charts, players can make more informed decisions and enhance their odds of winning.

Poker Winning Hands

Poker chart hands are helpful when deciding whether to continue with a hand or fold, based on the strength of your hand, though table dynamics and opponents’ behavior should also be taken into account.

The high-ranking hands in the poker chart are those that have a high probability of winning. The following is a Texas Hold’em poker hands ranking chart showing the best poker hands with examples:

poker hand chart

Poker Starting Hands: Names, and Abbreviations

Starting hands in poker are often represented using abbreviations to indicate the player's private cards. A (Ace), K (King), Q (Queen), J (Jack), T (Ten), S (same suit), and O (different suit) are the cards for which abbreviations are used. For example, A-A would mean that the player has two aces in their hand, while AK would mean that the player has an ace and a king. Abbreviations like SB (Small Blind), BB (Big Blind), UTG (Under The Gun), and MP (Middle Position) are also used to indicate the position of the players at the table. Understanding these abbreviations allows you to discuss starting hands in poker with other poker players as well.

Poker Starting Hands Names

Poker Hand Charts: Nicknames

Nicknames are often used by expert players while disclosing their poker hands. Poker nicknames are fun, creative, and simple to grasp and understand and usually, they all have a story behind them. Explore the most popular poker hand nicknames below, so you can also boast at the poker game.

Poker Hands Chart nicknames

Poker Odds Charts

A poker odds chart is a valuable tool for poker players. It is also called a poker probability chart. A poker odds chart provides information about the probabilities of getting certain hands and the likelihood of different poker hands winning in a given situation. These charts are based on mathematical probabilities and help players make informed decisions in the game. You can enhance your strategy and increase your likelihood of winning in poker games by using a poker odds chart. The following is a poker odds chart for Texas hold'em:

Poker Odds Chart

Poker Starting Hands Strategy

Success in poker starts with a solid strategy for starting hands. Your initial cards play a crucial role in determining your odds of winning. Utilizing a starting hand chart can serve as both a reference tool and a visual guide and help you evaluate the strength of your starting hand in Texas Hold 'em. The chart below will help you decide whether to play with your hand, raise it, or fold it. It is important to note that the starting hand poker chart is just an indicator indicating probabilities and it should be used in conjunction with your judgment based on the table dynamics and players’ playing styles and behavior. Here's an example of a starting hand chart for Texas Hold 'em.

Poker Starting Hands Strategy


How can a poker hand rules chart help me improve my game?

A poker hand rules chart can help you understand the relative strength of different hands. This can help you make better decisions when deciding whether to bet, call, raise or fold.

Should I always follow a poker hands chart?

No, poker hands charts should be used as a guide and in conjunction with your judgment based on the table dynamics and player tendencies. It's essential to be flexible and adjust your strategy to the game and keep the behavior of your opponents in mind.

Can the poker ranking chart guarantee my success in the game?

No, a poker ranking chart or the poker hierarchy chart is just one of the many tools you can use to improve your game. Success in poker also depends on your ability to read your opponents’ minds, make informed decisions, and trick your opponents by bluffing.

Which poker hands to play chart?

There are several poker starting hands charts available online that can help players determine which hands to play in different positions and situations during the game.

What's the best hand in poker?

The Royal Flush is the best hand in poker. It is the highest and unbeatable hand in poker.

What is the hierarchy of poker?

poker sequence chart: Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pair, One Pair and High Card.

Which suit is highest in poker?

In poker, all the suits are of equal value, meaning no suit is higher than any other suit. However, in some variations, the suit ranking is spades, hearts, diamonds, and clubs in that order.

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